5/16/2012 - 5/28/12

Invisible Girl Hidden in a corner, Everything is dark. I see the world around me, But never taking part. My friends just overlook it, I don’t think they can see, The thing inside, That is killing me. It tears at my heart and soul, Eating me alive. Sometimes I’m just wishing, That I could just die. I want someone to notice, See that I am there. To hold me close and tell me, That they really care. Everyone’s so wrapped up in their life, That all they see is their own. I want them to see that I am sitting here, Confused and so alone. I want someone to help me, But no one seems to care. I’m wasting my life on wishing, That I was never here.
The pain inside is cutting me, Like a thousand pieces of glass. Driving deeper into my heart, When I think about the past. I’m tired of looking in the past, But the future doesn’t seem to real So I will sit here, Slowly trying to heal. For I will always be, An Invisible Girl.
I’m really stressing out. I’m only part time and it seems as tho I am not meant to succeed. I barely have enough money to do any thing I’ve paid rent and bought food and now I don’t have enough to get gas to make sure I can get to work. its like Every thing I want is working against me. What do you do when all you want is to be held close and told that you matter. ? I just want to work and save get my car and move far away from every thing. I’m tired of being hurt and lonely.


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