Sunday, July 14, 2013

My life Aug 3 to the 13, 2013

7/3/13  -  7/13/13
I've lost 6 lbs and I've realized that I don't eat as much as I need to :( I have also realized that it mostly because of stress over a dirty house,bills, and work. 

Since this post is mainly just for me so I can rant and no one has commented that's exactly what I am going to use it for. My Rantings...

My house is a disaster zone and I don't want to clean up after the 2 grown men in my house after working all weekend... but it seems to me the only way my house is going to get clean is if on my only 2 days off I bust my ass to clean the damn house.
a little BG. I work for a Walmart part time about 30-38 hours every week on top of the Walmart being 36 miles from home one way which adds at least (round up) and say 2 hours to every day I work.  My DF works 2-3 12 hour days on the weekend. so he is off during the week Mon-Thur.
we are already living on the barest of the minimum. So its not like we could cut any thing out. UGH I am sure this now sounds like a mad woman's ramblings but again IDC I needed to vent it somewhere where not every person in the world I know is connected to me.
**Edit to add I have gained 7lbs back and our baby BOY is doing wonderful**
My LO possibly has switched organs... Im kinda upset and not really sure what to do say or ask...
I am confused and feeling a bit alone in the matter because my DF rarely wants to talk. In fact he really does nothing but play video games unless I get upset about an issue...Not 100% but His stomach could be on the opposite side of his lil body...  US tec told us about it Monday... and said not to worry but when I googled it, Its actually a little scary to think about...This is the first link I clicked on... UGH I know that its mostly my prego  hormones in over drive but I can't help but be a little worried... our next appt can not come fast enough... (with another US because LO decided the US Tech. did not need to see his heart but his little back) lol
According to the tiny bit of research I have done in the past 15 minutes it is irreversible  BUT It doesn't seem to have any horrible side effects... 
I loved my US Tech. this go round she was very considerate and asked me if I needed to go pee and If I wanted to know the sex... kinda hard not to know since my little porn star was wide open and I saw his Penis before the tech had even started. lol
**OB did not say any thing because I forgot to ask** **I had gotten distracted by the rest of the US** **I am planning on calling my Pied tomorrow and asking his opinion...
I miss being confident. Ever since getting pregnant with lo#2 I feel ugly fat and worthless:-( I am a larger girl by nature. But I just want to lay in bed and wait for time to pass. I'm 15 weeks and feeling unimportant in every thing I do.

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