Monday, July 15, 2013

Entitled Grandparents and or In Laws

I feel this is kind of like a wake up call for some and Certainly  for myself... Especially since I wrote out a few things that had happened to me and my DD. (Dear Daughter)

I love how every time I turn around; I am hearing about how so and so and so's Mother In Law has taken it upon them selves to create a Nursery, Yes A NURSERY at their own home for the use by new born or not even here yet grandchildren..(THESE ARE A BOUNDARY STOMP IN DISGUISE.)

How about when a Grandparent thinks its unfair that one family member (not mom dad brother or sister) sees a child all the time and again that child really doesn't. Or how about the family members who claim your child is somehow their child also? Like in some sick way just because you are having a child it is automatically their child also... I mean come on did they somehow help out in the making of the baby??? I THINK NOT!!

Or how about those female family members who pseudo breast feed your children or want you to pump when you are EBF (exclusively breast feeding).. a great example...

Mother: I've already told you no.Breastfeeding is not open for discussion. If you keep bringing it up, we will leave (we were out at lunch).
Que CatButtFace.
Grandmother: But, your bayyyyyybeeeeee looks so hungry. Is he gaining enough weight?"
Mother: He's almost doubled his birth weight. He's not hungry. He has to fart. That's his fart face."
grandmother: Noooooo. He's hungry. Look at him.
(Leans in over his car seat. She starts asking my 4mo old if he's hungry.) He then proceeds to rip a nasty,smelly man sized fart, settles in, and dozes off.
Mother: almost hysterical laughter.
Grandmother: EPIC CatButtFace. 

Seriously what is wrong with these women? Did you not get enough mommy time when you had your own kids? Hello! If you feel the need to mother someones children who are not your own THEN go adopt one of your own…

I just find it UNACCEPTABLE!!!

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