Monday, July 15, 2013

Felt Like stealing to me.

I also had an older church lady friend who would ask to take my DD for the day, I told her SEVERAL times no. She finally got the hint and left it alone. For a little while... I should have listened to my gut and left it alone...

After my DD was about 16 months I agreed to let my DD go spend the night. I was having a hard time adjusting to my new way of life.(not my DD other things)
FF a few months of this happening. I was somewhat comfortable with this lady and her family and my DD loved them. I allowed her to go and spend a few days there like 3-4 nothing too long and I would see her through out her stay...Well church friend offered for us to move in to help me get on my feet and away from my at the time bad situation...

I very stupidly Moved in almost right away... AND THAT is when the crazy started. As to not make a novel out of this post I'll kinda short hand it.

This lady and her Husband basically took over my child and my life. I couldn't go any where except to church and work. I wanted to spend time with my aunt and this lady pulled the quiet cold shoulder thing for the next 2 weeks. Over the next few months she repeatedly did things with my DD I had not had a chance to do. On top of sabotaging my potty training! They sabotaged my DD sleeping in her own bed and drinking from a big girl cup. I could go on and on but on to the stolen firsts and ruined firsts for DD and Me. 

She stole me seeing DD and her first fire works. She stole her first pony ride. She ruined my DD FIRST real Halloween…Pretty much ruined my Thanksgiving and She Tried to STEAL DD First Christmas!

After the Halloween thing I packed up as much of my stuff as possible and moved TFO! She took it upon her self to pack the rest of my things... When she did this she kept ALL of the clothes they had bought my DD and ALL of the TOYS including a few I had bought my DD. I was upset. YET STILL STUPID!!!

After a few weeks I let them take my DD for a few days. I sent them clothes and toys.. and a bracelet I had bought my DD for her birthday. WHEN my DD came home she had 1/2 of the stuff I had sent over. and NONE of the Christmas gifts they had bought my DD.( small toys and clothes that she will never wear because she out grew them before they will see her again.) DD was also missing the birthday bracelet. :-(


I finally realized she was trying to STEAL MY DD… and have CO this crazy lady who named her self MIMI and her hubby Poppie >:-{ (angry face)

Yes you will probably piss people off but that is OK because she is YOUR DD and what you say goes.. If people don’t like it they can go HOME.

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