Monday, July 22, 2013

Hot Rooms and Totaled Car.

 Hot rooms! The trailer park I live in provides each tenant 1 AC for their home. I am OK with this but my AC died! and my bedroom is sooo hot I feel like I could DIE in it.

 I love my DF he is so sweet I came home to a Freezing COLD bedroom last night! He surprised me with a new to us Air conditioner for our bedroom. So I wouldn't be uncomfortable any more.! It was so cold in the room it only took me 10 minutes to fall asleep rather than the 2 hours.!!!

Totaled car! My Aunt was at her place of business and her ONLY car for 2 working people was totaled! So I loaned them my Van and have been staying the weekends with my aunt since our places of work are close together. **HER HOUSE IS ALWAYS HOT**

 I got a call from my aunt! I wont have to be staying at my Aunts any more unless I want to! She is hopefully getting a check soon for the totaled car! Its enough for them/her to buy a car outright!!!

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