Books I would reccomend you read.

 A Woman's Empire by: Dorthy Dowdell
*from the back of the book*
She came as a bride to the timberlands of Washington to face the hatreds of her husband's brother - the tyrannical Grant, who believed women belonged in the kitchen or bedroom. But when her husband died, Cyra married Grant. It was the beginning of a most unusual relationship.

Grant's daughter was a lot like her father. Stubborn. Ambitious. Aggressive. Her dream was to run a lumber mill. Her father wouldn't permit it. So Vicky married rival mill owner Quentin Sorenson and proved herself a match for any man...Except her father...

Sookie Stackhouse Novels. by: Charlaine Harris (13 books total)
Linked below is the list and I do believe it is linked to amazon where you can purchase them.


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