Sunday, August 4, 2013

My life. In short.

Age 17, 11th grade, parents going through a rough time, ended up living in a motel for 4 months, after moving 4 times and almost being homeless. I stayed with JS for a while to get away from my parents during that time. I was dating MK who was my 1st. He broke up with me 2 days before my birthday. It hurt yeah but I wasn't like heart broken. after all this lol
Starting with 2006 through 2010. I moved out of my parents house at 18, and moved in with my cousin B. She and I tried to get me enrolled in high school to finish Senior year. After jumping through their hoops, they told my cousin she had to adopt me for me to go to school at PCH. (plant city high). After a failed attempt at that I applied at a few places for a job, and Wal-Mart called me. *Tada* My first Job.
I worked at wal-mart for a year and 6 months.I started dating GD. (no sex ever happened) we lasted 2 or 3 weeks before he broke it off.
I moved out of my cousins house and in with T(gay). In the time after I met JF. (2). It didn't last long he had a girl named N move in with him and I found out he was sleeping with her. I broke it off. . Then there was JD (3) who I found online through FB. after JD was JT (4) a one night stand. After JT was JS I dated but didn't sleep with. Then there was T.(5) He was the sweetest. I fell in Love with him and his daughter quickly and he broke my heart just as quickly.
After T I moved back in with my cousin and dated a guy named JH. (6) for a while and that went OK but when we had sex his face would creep me out. (it looked like he had a rape face) lol. I broke it off and started sleeping with T again.but not dating him. Moved back in with T(Gay) and T (now room mates) and baby sat for T while he worked. (more sex) (worked for publix) Then there was more sex with JD he had a nice dick. After all that I dated a younger guy named MS.(8) we had sex like 6 times lol. Moved back in with My cousin after T(Gay) kicked me out at 2 am... I had a one night stand with a guy named S (7) I don't know his last name.
Moved in with my cousin's sister H. She refused to take me to work lost my job with Publix. H. got me a job with WH. I was working double shifts every single day. from 2pm to 7 am. When I got off work and finally got home I would try to sleep but H.'s husband would let the kids crawl all over me and keep me up. ( I was also expected to clean up after every one on top of paying 50$ a week in rent) ( I shared a room with the kids) I stopped cleaning because I was too tired to clean and work and not sleep. H. and D. wanted 90$ a week in rent because I stopped cleaning. I said no They told me to get my shit and get out. (they told this to me while I was at work through a text) When I got home Baby D. had gotten in to my nick knacks broke one and sliced his leg open. (D. blamed me for this. because I wasn't watching the kids I was sleeping) Well two days later about 15 minutes before I had to be at work (in a very nasty neighborhood) H. tells me she is not taking me to work and to find my own ride.(knowing i knew no one) I had to quit. WH because I didn't have a ride. After all this They told me I had 2 days to move out or all my stuff would be left in the street. another 1 night stand named C.(9)
Called around and My Aunt Crazy let me move in with her, which was in April. April 10th to be exact. (Slept with JK (10) well living with my Aunt didn't last long all of a Month then GC and JK talked to GC's Grandma and got me moved in with him which lasted 4 months. JK broke up with me on May 5th on June 27th I found out I was pregnant after moving back in with my aunt. Well again I ended up having to find someplace to live because My aunt decided I couldn't live there. Stressed and board SC(11). came and got me took me to the movies we went back to his house and ended up sleeping together. My Dad picked me up in the Semi and Drove me to Tennessee.
In Tennessee My Landlord S took me to the DHS office and got me hooked up with WIC , food stamps and medicaid. Thank God for her. She bought my daughter all her firsts. I didn't have to buy any thing but the car-seat (which JK said he would buy and didn't). (Slept with a guy named TJ(12). Tossed that shit to the side Started dating DT and am now happily engaged with another child on the way.

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