Pretty Frustrated...

Yep. I am at it again being frustrated with the stupid little things in my life. I have tons to post and talk about but it will have to wait.

Today has been horrible for me. I woke up at 5 when DF got up for work and could not go back to sleep. Grr so lay in bed and try for all I'm worth to take a nap before DD wakes up because I have not slept in 2 days. Why? Because every time I get comfy my hand goes numb. No joke it's always my pinkie and ring finger and if I ignore it my whole hand:-( well DD gets up and we start our day... Ff to noon when DF comes home takes over the computer and tv leaving me my phone :-/ and no where to sit... (No couch ) so I head to the room to chill here on bbc. And then he comes in I think to talk noooo it's so he can take a nap cause he is tired! Ugh! So off I go to take care of Dd because daddy needs a nap more than mommy who has not slept in going on 3 days...
Any who I go in the living room hop on computer and check more bbc. As I sit there I'm getting more and more frustrated because my house is nasty to me. Grr I am pissed because I want it clean. So I start cleaning and DF asks what's wrong. Stupid prego hormones kick in along with my bad temper and attitude I go off about being tired and having to clean when it could have all been done before u list my job if he and the roommate had not been so lazy! Now I'm in bed crying and I just wish I could sleep. Or take enough Benadryl to sleep through the night without pissing myself. Boo bad days suck.

Sorry if it makes no sense I'm gonna try to sleep now and re post or edit or what ever this is in the morning at the computer when I'm not so stabby.


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