Friday, August 23, 2013

Starting Our Forever

So how exactly do you start a forever? I guess for me it was a chance meeting. A warm smile and a few nosy questions about his afternoon. Oh and the courage to give him my phone number.

I was working at my local Walmart covering someone's break, and this young man came up (with the whitest smile i have ever seen) and asked for help with his purchase. Well after I explained it to him and made the kind of small talk your expected to do... I asked him what his plans were for the night. He told me he was going to see the new Resident Evil movie. (This was on 9/17/2012). I got a little excited because I you know me I love love love zombie movies! Well we talked for quite a while so long in fact one of my managers mentioned it to me.  :) I explained he was a customer and she left it at that an walked away. Well I wanted to know more about the young man with the beautiful WHITE teeth :-) so I nervously wrote down my number and gave it to him and said if you would like you can text me later. He walked away and I wondered if he would text me... I was so shy and that was a very big step for me giving some one my number.

Well about 30 minutes to an hour later I received a text! It simply said hi this is DF :-) we texted and called each other over the next 6 days and he eventually asked me to go STEADY! Yes steady! I was completely head over heels at that point because I love old times sayings like that!
OK so to continue :-)

After he finally asked me out our relationship kept going with late night chats about EVERY thing under the sun! Well at this time my sweet man was working nights and I was working days. (sad face) So I bought a notebook and wrote him a letter :-) That note book is now half full. This notebook shows how we have grown closer to each other, and it shows how much we have changed in our relationship together.

On our 1 Month anniversary he gifted me with the most precious jewelry set. It was a matching set of earrings, a ring and a necklace. All in my birth stone! I cried because it was seriously so so so thoughtful.   

This Young man and I spent a lot of time together getting to know each other and some of the families.  He spent Halloween with my daughter and I. He got off work and "rushed" over to my home to make sure he got to be there for all of our "First Halloween". He made that Halloween worth it... Were it not for him that Halloween would have sucked... (another story for another post)

So Halloween is over and it is November. Thanksgiving is coming up. I am pretty sure I will be working that day. :-( It's OK though because he invites me over to meet some of his family! We officially had the most amazing "first" Thanksgiving. His family was nice and extremely welcoming and not once did I or my Daughter feel left out or out of place. I went to work later that day and he took my daughter to my aunts for me.

December rolls around. While yes we were still spending tons of time together, we were taking things some what slow. We had planned to do something together for Christmas but plans change and we didn't. Instead he showed up at my work and gave me the most beautiful necklace. It was unexpected and given just because. I wear it all the time and hardly ever take it off.  Sometime in January I move in with him.

January comes and goes as does February. Only February doesn't exactly go away. We were living together at this point and things happened and He proposed to me. Its been five months and guess who is engaged?! That's right DF and I! I am overly excited! Well he comes home one night we do dinner and a game night, and eventually we find ourselves in bed. So about three weeks later we are now pregnant. :-) We are both so happy and excited for this Little One to join us.

Months pass, we move, make a few other changes in our lives. It is now September again and our One Year is coming up. We don't have any plans to do any thing except stay home and be with each other, our Daughter and the T.V.  Our Little One is due in November and come tax time of next year we are getting married. 

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