Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Red Flags in my Family, and how I delt with them.

There are so many to choose from I will just go with what pops in to my head lol so here goes.

Number 1
I'll do the talking for my child.
After birth doctors appointment for my DD (dear daughter). She was maybe 2 months old if that. My mother took DD and I to see DD's doctor. While in the Doctors office: Doctor would ask me a question and My mother would answer. I allowed her the 3 strikes and your out method. Upon the third time of her answering a question asked of me by my DD Doctor I looked at her and very calmly asked her this...

Did DD come out of your vagina? No. Then don't you think I should be answering the Doctors questions as I am the one with her 24/7?

You should have seen the doctors face! It was perfect! He laughed and said well I guess that settles it then huh :-) Mom loves to tell this story to any one who will listen :-) 

Number 2
I do NOT allow my DD to have caffeine at all! It keeps her awake and makes her cranky. I expressed this to both of my parents and my brother(c).
DD was about 6-8 months old and I happened to watch my father clear as day ask DD if she wanted to taste his coffee? I answered for her no thank you Papaw that has caffeine in it. My wonderful father gave her some any ways... GRR To which my response was. OK Papaw you will now be in charge of DD and her attitude and sleep for the rest of the day! *( I lived with my parents at this time)* My father said oh no she's not my kid... I then told him "that is right she is mine... and if you ever giver her something I say is not OK ever again you will regret it!"  My Daddy tested me and my rules one time...He gave her caffeine..a drink if his Pepsi he then had to deal with my DD. My mom helped him to understand my rules by standing by my decision to make him deal with her new found energy...My poor DD was up until 3am that night fussy as all get out. Needless to say my daddy asks what he can give her before he gives it to her lol :-)

Number 3
Sleeping in our own beds and Time Tables...

 My DD was on a time table from the time she was born until about the time I moved out of my parents house and in with the Church family. (that's another can of worms there) DD slept in a bouncy seat untill she was about 8 months old. Then we switched to a toddler bed.


 If you look you can see the edges of the seat lol  :-) DD loved her blankets and the dumb blue sweater lol
OK back to the story lol

Now DD schedule was as such...
Morning wake up have breakfast (7am)
Lots of play time then snack and a nap (10-11)
wake up (12-1) for lunch and more play time
Late snack and another nap (3-4)
Wake up (5-6) Dinner desert more play time
and Bed time was (8-10) ish depending on what time she got tired.

Now this used to upset my you guessed it Dad lol I guess a little background is needed on my Dear Daddy :-)  He is a truck driver has been since he was 17-Years old. Daddy was born in ('63). Now from what I have gathered from my mom Daddy was home for all of our births (3 kids) but other than that he was uninterested until we were about 2+ years old. Also from what I gather he didn't really know how to handle newborns. Besides 2+ is more fun cause they can run about and scream when you play with them lol.. **My favorite childhood memories are of playing chase and run with my dad.**

OK so again back to the real story lol :-)  My dad would get upset because DD was sleeping and complain about it. It was explained every single time with care that DD needed her sleep but he was more than welcome to play with her when she was awake. lol   Well one day I guess he couldn't wait so he comes in from work for the weekend and first things first comes up to DD's bed and picked her up! I was upset because She had been sleeping and I let him know I was upset even if DD was *SO EXCITED* to see her Papaw. and that the next time he did that it would be the last time he was allowed to hold her with out permission.  **Seriously Never happened again.** no joke my Dad is an amazing learner! *brb need to call my Daddy and tell him I love him and he is awesome for being so understanding with my rules concerning DD**

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