Monday, September 16, 2013

25 Promises I made my Future Husband

So shortly after my Fiance and I moved in together I got creative one night and wrote down a few promises I wanted to make to him. and proceeded to tape them all over our apartment for him to find.

I feel the need to share that list with you all :-)

All of these begin with I promise...
  1.  To tell you exactly what I like all of the time.
  2. To love our children more than you until they are sleeping then it's just you and me.
  3. To pray for you every day that you receive guidance and strength.
  4. To tell you I love you every chance I get.
  5. To do my best not to mother or smother you.
  6. I will hold my temper in check.
  7. To always tell you when your wrong. 
  8. To always stand by your side right or wrong.
  9. To surprise you often as I can with my affections.
  10. Not to be indecisive on any decisions.
  11. To ALWAYS leave you notes and letters all over our home.
  12. To be nice and hospitable to your friends even when I don't want to be.
  13. To give you guy time with your friends.
  14. To be the best woman you'll ever love.
  15. To never go to sleep angry with you.
  16. To be open and honest about everything including my past.
  17. To play video games with you every so often.
  18. To keep your secrets and love you even more when you hurt me.
  19. To be the best wife ever.
  20. To keep a clean house.
  21. To never cheat.
  22. To keep track of all our letters and notes so we can show our children one day how much in love we are.
  23. To always have a hot meal ready for you.
  24. To always make sure you have clean laundry.
  25. To always tell you exactly what is on my mind even if it hurts or scares me.
These promises are now taped in to a note book that DF and I started to write in. They are not in any special order at all. I plan to go through them soon and re-wright them and post them about our new home.

Honestly this was just something cute I thought I would share.

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