Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Doctors appointments Yay!

This is sounds all over the place to me. Have fun reading!

I had my regular OB doc check up today at 1:30pm... But this is so not when my day started. My day started out with my Daddy bringing DD breakfast, and me my mail :-)

OK so DD has breakfast and I have my mail FF through some movies and naps. So relaxing YAY! So Any ways, I asked my dad if he wanted to spend time with DD. I offered to buy them lunch if he kept her for my trip to the doctors. (3 hours tops includes driving) He said OK I said YAY!

After every one was ready and dressed to go I walked out side to see a baby swing set up and waiting in my front yard. (This actually upsets me because it was from my Land Lady and former friend... She just set it up out side in my yard no text no call nothing not even a knock on the door. Yes I knew she was going to bring it over "sometime")(guess you could say I am still upset of the events of that)
So on to the Doctor appointment: I got there on time and it went as follows!
1:30 sign in
1:45 call back, pee in cup, get weight and heart rate (for me)...
1:55 get put in room and wait over an hour to see my baby doc! (I am very understanding as my baby doc was with an infant patient) (and I LOVE MY DOCTOR!)
3:00 Baby doc comes in measures me and then checks LO's heart rate... LO's heart rate was 120 the first time and 158 the second time so guess who gets hooked up to the MOM machine? That is right me! For 15 minutes to check LO's heart rate. lol Apparently LO gets REAL REAL excited when our DOC listens to his heart beat because he had a normal heart rate (on MOM) and found it entertaining to KICK the silly monitor!

OH and Doc said I could schedule an induction... Hmm Thoughts any one?
Every thing is fine and Doc says we can go! yay us! We finally walk our the door and it is 4:00!
We head to subway and order 1 chicken bacon ranch and 1 apple-wood pulled pork sandwich each and OMG they were so so so good!

so essentially my 3 hour day lasted 5 ! Holy crap that was a long day for me!

 With my DD I was induced at exactly 39 weeks because... Well I was a FTM (First Time Mom) to start, I had started having contractions at 4 am on 1/31/11 and by 8 am on 1/31/11 they were 5 minutes apart. Went to L&D was hooked up monitored and my OB said they were going to start the process at 2 am on 2/1/11 because being (appx. because I can't remember) 3-5 cm dilated and nothing was happening except contractions pretty irregular and then regular for about 15-30 minutes... Doc said if I want I can pick an induction date up to 1 week before my due date...

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