Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hospital Bag... and Meeting the Newborn

I was just making my get ready for LO lists and decided to type it out some. I am a bare necessities kind of girl so I don't need a whole lot. There are some people who like to take more than what I am taking but hey to each their own right :-)

What I am planning on packing...

For me Bag...

Phone Charger & Phone
Kindle & Charger
Socks ~ I remember my feet being cold last go round at the hospital..
Shampoo and Conditioner
Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste
Hairbrush and Hair Ties
Notebook & Pens & Highlighters ~I don't like the idea of having a lot of MY stuff at the hospital that can easily get trashed or ruined. So Every thing I am bringing (except my blanket and pillow) I care nothing about. Including my notebook. (its not my baby book that could easily get something spilled on it or misplaced.
Bra and Tank Tops
Sponge-bob P.J. Pants
Flip Flops
Blue Blanket (for me)
New Pack of Panties
Non Perishable Snacks
Chap stick 
3 Extra bags for carry home ~I am planning on 3 extra bags because some how I always seem to end up with more than I came with...3 extra bags helps for those family members that bring UNEXPECTED gifts or random crap lol :-) I have some good sized cloth bags that fold up nice and small (like shopping bags you can buy for 1.00 or more) and don't take up much space.  Not to mention some people *(Like ME)* just don't feel like repacking it neatly for the go home and the extra bags help me in finding a place to put stuff.

Just remember this is MY list of things I know I will want and WILL use. Not every one has to have the same items... :-)

Here are a few links that might help others. I personally like the Layout of the 3rd link by Similac...
My suggestion is to look at a few lists and decide what is going to work best for you...
Because lets face it ladies not all of us are haveing an easy peasy vaginal birth...
Some of us might need to pack a little more than others to feel comfortable.
I would like to also say that I will have and extra bag packed with more clothes for me in the trunk of my car. Just in Case!

Baby Bag...

2 Outfits
2 Hats
2 Blankets
Car seat (installed in the car)

 I am about to pop a kid the List I am working on right now is my Meet the kid rules...

What are some of your meet the newborn rules? I only really have a few that are a must.
Both my parents and Future Mother In Law smoke. (non boundary stomping FMIL so far) (My Parents know better because I'm the daughter that will tell them to GTFO)

Rules For Hospital and Home
  1. No Smoking around my LO. 
  2. Wash up and sanitize before holding or touching LO. (this was all I had) (its still growing)
  3. Must change shirt if you smoke before holding LO.
  4. Do not put your fingers in LO's Mouth
  5. Do not kiss my Newborn on the face or hands.
  6. If you have been sick in the last 10 days please stay away. 
  8. No perfume. (if you must have your perfume please visit later in the day when it wont be so strong).
  9. Do not invite others to come with you unless it is approved by Mommy or Daddy.
  10. No visits last longer than 30 minutes unless otherwise specified
  11. CALL BEFORE COMING OVER ALWAYS! (I may not want visitors.)

This is really all I've got.  Is there something I am missing that I can add to my list? I put this question to the wonderful ladies I talk to somewhere else on the internet AITF...

I was reminded of third hand smoke... And now have Rule # 3 You must change your shirt before holding LO.

But to keep my request from sounding rude I will be buying some over sized White T shirts and creating a your a New grandparent uncle or what ever shirt! (giggles in uber excitement) I was just thinking on my *gift* I will bag it up nice with a (home made) Congrats on the "new baby" Card.

I think it will be a fun way to get people to change their clothes or at least shirts before meeting my newborn (at least at the hospital) *(I will be keeping a stack of large or extra large t-shirts for people to change in to to hold my LO.

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