Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thank You Poems from the Baby

Not having a baby shower but still want a cute way to thank the gift givers? I have googled these poems below. Copy and pasted the ones I liked the best.

Poem 1  
Here is the poem… Thank you! I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, But I’m not quite ready yet. God is painting my eyes, nose and cheeks And soon I’ll be all set. Though I wasn’t there to thank you, For the lovely gifts you brought, My family is grateful We appreciate the thought. We pray the Lord will bless you For your generosity And when I’m born into this world Please come and visit me! My mom is very blessed To know each one of you. We want to say we love you And Jesus loves you too!
See you soon…
Love, (Baby’s Name)
Poem 2
I can't wait to meet you all, Soon I'll be on my way
To join my mommy and daddy, At home where I will stay.

They're working hard to prepare, A safe place for me to lay
Where I will grow up healthy and strong, For this is what they pray.

Even though I'm not here yet, There's something I want to say Thank you very much for coming, On this very Special Day!!

Love, Baby ________

Poem 3 
I hope that you will stay a while and make my mommy (And daddy) smile.

And although I cant be here today there is something I would like to say....thank you for all your gifts and wishes and please help mommy with the dishes.
the baby

Poem 4 
This Special Day
Thank you for sharing this special day,
I'm sorry I had to stay away.
But I may be a little longer,
'Cos I have to grow much stronger.
Thank you for your love and wishes,
I'd like to shower you with kisses.

( I used Poem 4 :-) I revised it a little to suit my needs as I did not have a baby shower.)
Poem 5 
I'd like to say, though I'm not here yet
thank you for the gifts I'll get
And thank you from my parents, too
for all the gifts in pink and blue
My closet was empty, my belongings were few
but that's all changed now, thanks to you!

Poem 6 
I'm really glad that you could come to my baby shower. I'm sorry I could not join you, but you see I'm very busy preparing myself so my mommy and daddy will be proud of me. Soon the stork will leave me with all of the gifts you have brought. I am so thrilled and appreciate the thought. Be sure to come and greet me as soon as I get here, but be sure to give my parents time to dress me ever so dear.

Poem 7 
I'm really glad that you could come
And help surprise my mother
sit down, relax, enjoy yourselves
and chat with one another
Sorry I can't be with you
to join in Mommy's shower
But I'm very busy you see
I'm growing more each hour
Though I'm not there to thank you
for the lovely gifts you've brought
my family is grateful
we appreciate the thought
I'll be arriving shortly
and I'm as happy as can be
so, after I've been home awhile
please come and visit me

Poem 8 
Thank you for attending today although I'm not yet here.
I'm more than a twinkle in my
parents' eyes, and thank you
for thinking of me.

Feel free to 'oh-ah' and 'ah-ha'
and talk of how 'perfect'
I am when I finally appear.

I promise to make you think of
the 'joys of children'
when you visit me after I arrive!

Thank you so very much. 

Poem 9

Our sincere thanks
For choosing a baby gift so sweet
And sending the kind of wish
That made the thought complete.
Poem 10
Yirmiyahu is my name
Trouble making Is my game
But polite I also must be

So Respectfully I say
In a most polite way
Thanks for the gift You sent me
Poem 11 
I'd like to take a moment, from my babbling and cooing
And all the important stuff we babies are busy doing,
To thank you so much for your thoughtful present
It sure made my welcome here all the more pleasant,
I'm enjoying your gift; it makes me look really handsome,
My Daddy and Mommy are enjoying time with me and then some,
Thanks so much for your ______ gift which I'll surely treasure
May we only share in great joy together;
Poem 12
Thank you so much for the gift
and especially the gift receipt
Your taste is quite abominable
Although your thought is sweet.
So excuse me now, while off I dash
It's time to return it
For the cash!

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