Whine whine wine?

I am so stressed out right now.
I am so mad and hurt right now.
I am so sick of video games. fucking seriously! He spent ALL FUCKING DAY playing video games.
He woke up at 3am yesterday and played video games and then He stayed in the chair and slept for about 2 hours and when he woke up he played until 3am this morning...3 AM THIS MORNING!
I didn't even get to sleep next to Him because he decided that staying in that DAMN CHAIR was more fun!
I am hurt because it is now 4:14 am I can't sleep and I just want to cry! you know what what ever. I am sorry I even brought it up.  I give up...no use in saying it over and over. He listens just enough to tell me what I want to hear I love Him so much I really really do He is my every thing.


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