Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Visit to L&D

Yuck Spent the afternoon in Labor and Delivery. Apparently DS wants to come earlier than expected. Sorry DS Doc says its not time yet... So I got a steroid shot to stop contracting and dilating. I get to go back tomorrow for another shot.. So now that I have updated y'all I'm taking my big butt to bed. Daddy can deal with DD till Mamaw takes over.

Just to let ya know.
Doc said to rest up and drink water. I'll be here for the next 3 days Grin...
I'll be 33 weeks Friday... I am ready, DS is "ready" lol... But Safety and the Doc says we gotta wait... I'm dilated 1.30cm

 I got a shot in my ass that hurt worse than a marshmallow coming out your nose... (Yes that is extremely painful and 100x worse than soda or oj)

It's midnight 40 here... I'm cramping all in my back and hips... I'm dizzy.. Clammy (cold sweat). And **TMI**

I peed earlier and when I cleaned myself my usual slightly yellow discharge is now white and red/ pink... I took pics for my doc tomorrow... As this is new for me even though I am not a FTM.

I go back tomorrow for another shot! My back is cramping and my vulva/vagina feels like it's going to fall off!

Lol thank you for the thoughts and
prayers :-)

He better keep cooking! I don't have any preemie clothes!!! Lol
 Good lord! I'm not ready at all for this baby to be here! Lol

So I'm still in pain only now I'm clammy tired and can't sleep.

To top it all off **TMI**. I just peed and upon cleaning myself I noticed my usually normal yellow discharge is now white ish and pink/ blood colored... *eta*small pity party for me lol.

I'll be headed that way in the afternoon. Pain has finally died down.. If I am not feeling any pain in the morning I will just keep my appointment time. IF I am feeling pain again, you can bet your bum I'm out the door as soon as I can walk lol :-)

*ps* now that I am now doubled over and sleepy... I think your right about the mucus plug... I will definitely keep every one here updated as...well... I can and it's relaxing.

 Up and down since my last post and I'm not getting out of bed unless my house is on fire or I have to pee again :-)

Only a slight round ligament pain so far... We shall see :-)

I got my second round of steroids today. Yuck! was monitored for about an hour and sent home with instructions to rest...All of my whining updates last night I wrote down and showed the nurse taking care of me today. She said it was ALL because of the shot.

Now I have been trying to rest for the last week and *(this is where this turns into a bit of a rant)* I am so stressed out I could just scream!

DF DuF Has been some help. But I was so dizzy today I asked him to drive and I must admit I was being a bit of a BITCH today. Nothing he did seemed right to me. I griped about his driving, my mom, and his packing up DD too slow.

We spent the evening at my mom's house eating dinner there, and watching a movie. I was still feeling like I was contracting so I refused to move or get up at all.

DD said she had to potty... I tell DuF hey take her to the bathroom. He does but I am sensing an attitude. Well for the rest of the movie time that we were there any time I needed his help with DD he gave me a ton of BEC attitude.

Well come time to leave I asked him to pack up the 2 bags we had brought in. (he does it again with the attitude) Well he then decides he is going to walk home and I can drive (dizzy and in pain) with DD back to the house... *(I live in the same trailer park as my mom so its like a 1 minutes drive IF that)*

My mom mentions that I shouldn't be driving while dizzy and DuF just stands there like SO WHAT... I am getting upset and basically yell Just give me the DAMN keys!

Mom hands me my keys, I gather up DD and my small purse and drive to the house. By this point I am RAGING MAD, slam open the door and go inside. I snatch a diaper for DD out of the box and tell her to come on. DuF acts/makes a move like he is going to help do do something, I SNAP at him I got this!
I put DD down for bed (9:pm), an hour later than usual. I go to my room where DuF is laying down and tell him. I know I have been a Bitch today, I know your just as stressed out as I am. I just wish you would TALK to me. I then go to the bathroom and proceed to ball my eyes out because I am stressed and HURT.

He stays in bed.

I have sat here for 30 minutes crying my eyes out you all know the UGLY cry. He is still in bed...
I don't even want to be in my own home right now. I feel like I am unimportant, and not worth the trouble.
*depressing thoughts* *more tears*

 L&d again... Ugh this kid needs to take a break.

I went in last night because I had a bright pink/red "discharge"when I cleaned myself after peeing. I was starting to stress and cramp... So I went in to my local Hospital and had them check me out they transferred me to my OB-hospital 30 miles away! lol BY Ambulance! (what fun!)

Long story short I was monitored for 2 hours and sent home with instructions to rest. My back labor like contractions were inconsistent, and my cervix has not changed at all.

No oral meds yet... Got an appointment this Thursday so we'll see.

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