Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Family Tantrums and My Response

So what do you do when you piss off your family?

How about a little story about DF and I pissing off his family.

We decided on a small list of people to invite to the hospital. This list is strictly for those most important to DF and I.

The list is as follows.

My list
  1. My Parents and Brother
  2. My Aunt (+2) 
His list
  1. His Mom (FMIL)
  2. His Dad (FFIL)
  3. His Mom's parents
  4. His Dad's parents
  5. His Ex-Step-Mom (ESM)
His Mom did not take too kindly to finding out He/We had invited his ESM to the hospital to meet our LO.
In a way the conversation kinda went like so.

FMIL- Did you invite Ex-SM to the hospital?

Me- I believe DF did.

FMIL- Ok I'm out... Good luck   His dad's out too, my mom too

Me-  I'm sorry to hear that.

The above is what was posted but, this is essentially what I read...

What the hell are you thinking? Why on earth would you think you can invite whomever you want to the hospital to meet your baby? Just because you're giving birth doesn't give you the right to invite people you want to see. Your birthing experience is not about you or DF.

It is very hard for me to believe that people can not set aside their hate/dislike for ESM to share in the joy and love for our LO.

DF is a grown man he can invite whom ever he wants to the Hospital to see HIS SON!
Its honestly just the way I feel about it. Hell He is LUCKY I am even allowing visitors at all.
I have already told DF that Him being there is also OPTIONAL. I told DF that if any one starts trouble people will be told to leave...TOLD not asked.

 It is comical to me that FMIL is acting this way. I just have to remind DF and myself that.... 
We are welcome to invite anyone we want to come.  They are also entitled to decide to not come for a lame reason. We don't have to solve their tantrum.

That is exactly what it is a damn Tantrum! This reminds me of kids when they throw a tantrum. "Fine, if you won't let me get my way I'm going to my room and staying there".  They just need to be reminded that they aren't punishing us at all and they are the ones suffering alone in their room while enjoy the peace.

They are losing out on meeting our LO at the hospital that is completely their choice. It is also one they will have to live with for ever because LO will not be in the hospital for ever. 

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