Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gift Rules

OK Parents! I have a few questions for you :-)  Have you heard of a Gift Rule? Do you have any gift giving rules?

 I learned about a gift rule today that I thought was pretty nifty/thrifty.  It is called the 4 gift rule. You can purchase 4 gifts, that is it (I am betting it would work for kids and adults). Here is how it works.  You can purchase 1 gift they want, 1 gift they need, 1 gift they can wear, and 1 gift they can read! This is by far the coolest thought I have read in a while.

Imagine how many kids might be inspired to read because of this? I bet this could work for holidays and birthdays and just because days too.

 And what about buying gifts for your local church, or needy family? This 4 gift rule could be awesome down the road if you shop year round for things like this...

How cool would it be to teach your children, friends and family to buy gifts every year to give away to Toys for Tots or another organization. I know there are a ton out there. Including the Angel Tree Project.

What if we as parents made the decision to help someone out because they needed the help? What if we as parents made the decision to teach our children to be charitable, unspoiled citizens? 

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