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I'm FAT so I must be extra Special!

LO ~ Little One  GD ~ Gestational Diabetes  DD ~ Dear Daughter  US ~ Ultra Sound

So I am over weight, and pregnant. I know this. Apparently my Doctors office has changed the way they handle Pregnant Over weight patients. Not that I mind too much as long as Baby and I are healthy.

I now get to see my OB twice a week. I honestly do not know if they are doing this for patients who are not as far along. I guess I might have asked that question, had I thought of it then.

First appointment I will be monitored for 15 to 30 minutes (on the baby monitor), then seen by my OB for the rest of my check up.

My second appointment I will get an ultra sound to check for 4 things. They will check LO's Breathing, heart rate, Fluids around LO, and something else I honestly can not remember.

Is there any one else whose Doctors changing up the way Doctors appointments go?

*Trigger Mentioned*
My OB told me it is specifically because I am over weight.  Doc listed off a few things. He said being over weight increases the chances of **Trigger** stillborn, GD, "Bigger Babies", and extremely small babies.
I am 5'3 weighing in at 290 exactly since my appointment on the 17th.

My Ideal weight range would be 131-147 (according to those stupid online things) so doing the math I am apx. 143 lbs over weight.

I have always been a rather large lady.
I know I don't have GD. I don't know what all is going on with the office or other patients. I honestly don't care. I guess it could just be my OB that is instating the change in how they handle patients.

I was overweight with my DD 2 years ago also. They didn't change my care at all. I LOVE my OB and would recommend any pregnant mom to them.

I don't know whats up. I thought it was different and a little weird. I didn't think about the age thing either... I am 25 now. Hmm I might have some more questions for my
Doctor on my next appointment :-)

I have asked about my weight gain at a few appointments because I was a little concerned. I have gained 23 lbs my entire pregnancy. I even went for a few appointments where I had LOST weight. My OB (1 of 4 that I can see) stated that my weight gain was OK and not to worry too much about it.

 I guess I just assumed that I if was high risk my Doc would have mentioned it. I am not looking forward to Double the cervical checks. I get 1 more now than when I was just visiting once a week.

I'm not sure my Vagina can take the "Pressure". lol

 I am looking forward to the extra pics! *(HOPEFULLY)* I guess I was just curious to see if any one else has had to deal with the new/sudden change.  IDK about opting out of Cervical checks. I am already 3cm dilated and 30-60% (Two different OBs opinion on how thinned out I am) thinned out.

 After talking with my doctor during my second appointment I was informed that I would have to take the GD twice. I passed both tests... I even told my OB how I was CRAVING sweets.

I am completely comfortable with my OB. Cervical checks for me started hmmm 9/25/13. I have had one every appointment since to check for dilation and thinning.

I LOVE the idea of more pictures of my LO before birth! Never thought of it that way.

 I have never felt more comfortable with any doctor like I do with my OBs. I always feel extremely relaxed in the office and after. I believe any of my OBs could handle the craziest.  I agree with the first impression thing too.

I am planning a Vaginal if all goes well and it is medically possible. (meaning both of us will be safe).

 I never really thought about the US being inaccurate. Hmm. I now have more to think about. I don't understand much about why the OB wants me in twice a week. I honestly didn't even give it much thought until I posted here asking if any one else has had to deal with this situation.

*From a Friend*  I highly recommend this group:

 I will in fact right now look into that page.

I had a vaginal birth with DD and the OBs know I plan to have a vaginal birth with DS. Its Bold and underlined in my charts :-)

Again you wonderful ladies have given me food for thought. I plan to eat up the info you have given me because, well I like to know what is going on.

I don't actually mind the extra cervical checks. Were it not for the one I had on 9/28 I would not have known I had a yeast infection or a slight bacterial infection.  I never even thought of the possibility that the extra Doctors visits could be excessive; But if there is nothing wrong with me then why add them?

I must say I do not feel discriminated against at all. My OBs do not treat me as though I am sickly, and until this last appointment every thing has been the same as it was with DD.

The biggest difference is that I had been choosing to see Dr.B (female). I totally love her bedside manner. She is amazing and gets my whack a doodle sense of humor. She left last week for a two week vacation or something. So I was scheduled to meet with Dr. L (male), I have seen him before and he is a great doctor and I feel extremely comfortable with him.

My next two appointments are with Dr. R for the monitoring days and Dr. L for the U/S days.
When I was pregnant with DD I estimate my weight to be around 217 before I knew I was pregnant. By Feb. at exactly 39 weeks I was 267 lbs. a 50lb difference. *I will add that by the time I was finally able to see an OB I was 5 months pregnant and dealing with being homeless and having a cyst at the base of my neck* **no worries about the cyst any more seems like it has always been there**

For the most part I want to say that my OBs don't bring up my weight unless I express concern. *I was concerned with gaining too much weight, seeing as how I was craving nothing but sweets and am/was already overweight* I have asked at most appointments if I am gaining or losing any weight. I am told immediately how much gain or loss compared to the last visit, and whether or not it is "safe".

I do believe I will ask my Doc if I am considered high risk just to be sure. This just started for me. There was no US since the gender/health check US. I am not sure if maybe it was a week thing I will have to ask on Monday.

I am positive they are not leaving any thing out they tell me every thing going on that I know of. I also walk my own chart back to the receptionist when I schedule my next appointment. So I have a chance to look over every thing in the chart before I give it back. I usually look at the chart every visit and if I have any questions I ask and they are answered in a timely manner.

** Friend** I took your suggestion and posted in the group you linked. Not too much has been said yet but I am keeping an eye out. I was also directed to check out

So far I have written down a few questions to ask the Doc before I make any decisions as far as opting out of things.
  1. Am I high risk?
  2. What is LO measuring at?
  3. Are these visits just precautionary or do they start at a certain week in my pregnancy? 
That is all I have so far if I happen to think of more or if you all suggest any more I will gladly add them to my list of curiosities.

*A list of helpful links*

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