My Past.. is History.

A story from my past because I can't sleep and just spent the last 2 hours doing dishes and laundry so this is my break...

When I was about 9 my brother 2 at the time woke up at 6 am got a broom and unlocked all 5 locks on the front door. He then walked about a block and a half away while my WHOLE house slept!

An Older Gentleman found him wandering around playing in mud puddles... He walked down our road *AFTER* he called the police, and found our front door wide open... He walked up to the door and knocked REALLY loud. I woke up first and answered it. He asked if I had a little brother? I said Yes I have two. He then asked me to check and see if they were in their room... I did and realized my Youngest was missing!

I asked him if he knew where he was the man said yes he did, at his house! I asked him to allow me to get some shoes on and I would follow him home. He agreed. Well my 9 year old brain didn't tell me to wake my mom, I hopped on my bike and rode down the street with a complete stranger and gathered my 2 year old brother up and went back home... about 15 minutes later after I woke my mom up and told her what had happened... KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK POLICE!

My brothers and I then spent 2 years in foster care because my mom was too lazy to clean.


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