Sunday, October 20, 2013

You're Pregnant! Not your Families.

 So Congrats you're Pregnant! This can be a great experience for you but, now you need to do some serious reading on how your going to deal with all of your families. By families I mean your family and your Significant Other's (SO) family.

How are you going to handle the information train? Who will you tell and what will you tell them? As Delivery time rolls around who is going to be in your hospital room? How will you deal with the people who want to visit? Are you planning on breast feeding? Can you do it in front of your Father In Law or your SO's Ever watchful Mother?

These are all questions a new mom should really think about because if you don't you could run in to some serious problems like the ladies in the following two links.

How will you deal with the up and coming BAT SHIT CRAZY Family members?

Below are 2 links that MIGHT help.

part 1 Delivery Room Drama

part 2 Delivery Room Drama

And then after you have read at least 1 or both of those Read the Lemon Clot Essay. Also found in this blog :-) 

Here is a list of my favorite Blog posts about pregnancy so far :-) They might be helpful to you or not either way happy reading.


Entitled Grandparents and or In Laws

Gift Rules

Hospital Bag... and Meeting the Newborn

Barest Baby Needs

Thank you Poems from the Baby

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