Friday, November 15, 2013

What a slap in the Face.

As some of you know DF and I have been struggling financially since I lost my job in July.  I must say that even with DF not being able to find another PT job we have kept up on our bills. Both of our cars are in serious need of breaks and we just couldn't afford to fix either of them and pay our bills. *We were and are still planning to get them both serviced when we get our taxes.* OK so to the point. DF called his Grandfather on his dad's side. He asked him for $$ to help us get our car/s fixed.  I was not apart of the conversation didn't even know DF was going to ask. To be honest I was honestly relieved and thankful he was willing to help. Until I got his letter/check in the mail. Word for word this is what he said.

*** Dear DF
you and your partner have no right to create to children which you can't support.
do whatever it takes to prevent this irresponsible inconsiderate action from happening again!

I am livid. Pissed off. Hurt. And slightly confused.

**Flame away if you want to**

I took that damn check to the bank and deposited it. I am taking DF's car Monday to get serviced. I will have the one working car I need to take my DD and newborn DS to the doctors SAFELY!

Since I took the $$ the devil offered... I posted this on FB a little while ago.

Dear person I have never met,

I just want you to know we can support our children on our own. Yes my future husband and I are having a difficult time right now. We will get through this. While I appreciate your lending us the $ to get at least one of our vehicles fixed and safe for our children to ride in... We will pay you back every cent you have given/lent us.

How dare you call my child an irresponsible, inconsiderate action. You don't know me or my story, you have not even made an attempt to get to know me*to the best of my knowledge*. It is not up to you how I spend my life. How we spend our lives. Were it not so important to have at least 1 working vehicle to our house hold I would never have accepted what was sent.

It breaks my heart that people can be so thoughtless and hurtful. I would NEVER EVER give up my children. I love them more than my own life. You Sir can go to hell. Screw you and your $. I swear it here and now that when I get my tax money, I WILL GIVE YOU BACK YOUR MONEY.

I also want you to know that any chance of a relationship you think you might have had with Our children IS GONE. Over my dead body will my children know you.

A pissed off Mom.

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