Friday, November 29, 2013

Feeling Defeated

I guess you could call this a small vent. 
Thanksgiving for us was mostly great. There were a few things that in the heat of the moment I failed. So I guess I will start from the beginning. 
Our Thanksgiving started on Wednesday and ends/ended Friday night.
We drove about an hour to my Aunt's house on wed. afternoon and when we got there we had a great visit. The first visit lasted late in to the morning Thursday with cooking and joking and family time. DD enjoyed herself to the point of exhaustion and passed out before 10pm. DS being 3 weeks old did his baby thing, every one loved on and held both of the Goblins. 
Thursday - MIL texted and reminded us about family lunch with DH's side at 12. We asked when she would be there because we knew she had to be at work at 2pm. MIL is USUALLY non-boundary stomping and great with including DD, so I wanted to make sure she had plenty of time with the Goblins. We make plans to get there at 11 or 11:30. 
FF- We get to "home of hosting family member". We get out of the car and before we are half way to the house MIL meets us outside. *Not really a big deal to me kinda annoying but really NBD*  Any ways we all walk up to the house and MIL leads the way opening doors and letting DH and DD inside I walk up the steps and BARELY get one foot over the thresh hold and MIL takes DS's car seat out of my hands... I'm a little irritated but kinda shrug it off because I have been in the *baby blues kinda moody lately*. OK so we are inside and I walk over to MIL who is having issues getting DS out of the car seat because she has her nails done and can't work the clasps...* I giggle in my head and go help get DS out*
Visiting is going great DH is opening *more* gifts for DS. Food is soon ready (about 35 minutes after we get there) MIL hands me DS back and I am glad to have him. I let every one know they can eat first while I hold DS... Well DH's Grandmother (GMIL) comes over places her hands out and says "I'll hold DS so you can eat", I politely said that's OK you go ahead and eat. *Big fail on my part* She then put her hands on either side of my DS and took him off of my chest. **I don't know why I didn't say any thing or even try to stop her.**  So I eat and MIL kinda flies through her food and the next thing I know she has DS again. **I USUALLY don't mind but for some reason today it was just seriously upsetting me.**  So I get DS from her again and she goes about making a plate of food for her co worker. In the time that takes about 5 minutes barely she has mentioned she would like a 4 generation picture of "the boys". (literally her words). This is OK with me, at first. 
I am holding DS and I look at DH and go to hand him off to DH and MIL comes over trying to take DS. DH looks at her and says I've got him he's my son. Skip a head to GFIL, DH, DS, and MIL sitting on the picture couch and every one is taking pictures of them... I assumed it would be GFIL, DH, DS, and UIL, so why is MIL in the picture.(not really a big deal) Well after the first pictures MIL gets UIL on the couch and she sits on the floor in front of GFIL and take more pictures... 
After all those pictures were taken GMIL (I really love this woman) Says DH why don't we get a picture of you and your family... **this really pissed me off and hurt my feelings** I pick up DD and I turn to step closer to DH who WAS holding DS to see MIL holding DS... I'm a little confused until I realized... She was going to stand in the picture too... 
It didn't hit me until later after we left. She stood between DH and I holding OUR SON! OH and to top it all off no one took any pictures for us with MY camera/phone... I am so pissed and hurt. I'm not sure if it was intentional or accidental and because she was so excited. 

OK so off the subject of MIL and on to DH who had a serious DUH moment... 
We had to make a pit stop at Walmart for some tupper ware and pants for DH. We complete our shopping and are heading to the check out DuH mentions he needs to get some dip he is out. I say no problem and we head over to the line and I see the cashier...*insert cranky ugly face* I tell DH nope you can get it at Thortons we are NOT going through that ladies line. He asked me why not I said because she is the lady that got me fired...
DH in all of his DuH glory decided to go through "that cashier's" line just for his dip. I was of course pissed beyond belief. I acted like a child and after making my purchases stomped out to the car and slammed the doors I used. I was so mad that I ended up crying. We get in the car go get gas and then head back to my Aunt's house.
We get there I get all the stuff out of the car and go inside. Some one mentioned me being upset asked what is wrong and I went off not exactly screaming but with a raised voice about what happened at the store. Aunt being the smart ass that she is told me to let it go because it was Thanksgiving, I turned around and walked my happy ass right back out side and sat in the car. *its silly but it helped me calm down* Then DH came outside and apologized for hurting my feelings at walmart.
It is now 4 am I have not slept and I cleaned up after dinner all by my self.
That was our Thanksgiving...
I hope yours was better and with out so much drama. 

If I had to ask a question it would be... How do I let MIL know what happened upset me nicely?  Are all these emotions just me looking for someone stepping on a boundary? How much longer am I going to feel like an alien in my own body?

**eta** DH got major brownie points after the walmart thing... For showing me this ring*(Resident Evil inspired engagement ring)*... And mentioning that he wanted to get it for me because It symbolizes how we met. 

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