Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rodent Stories.

First off I live in a trailer park right next to a grain field of some kind. When we first moved in I was living with my parents in tr# 14. Across the "street" is tr# 5. I was 6 maybe 7 months pregnant with my DD and had made friends with the girl in tr# 5 and her twin girls.

So I am baby sitting one night for her to work and I hear a rustling noise in the pantry. I didn't know what it was so I "stabbed" at it with a broom. *real smart huh*.

Any way a damn field mouse jumped off a box of cereal and right into a mouse trap. ONLY the damn mouse landed in the middle of the trap so when it went off it broke its back but didn't kill it.

I *hormonal and upset I hurt a mouse* walked across the "road" to my mom's and went to go up her steps... Only I couldn't because there was a SKUNK right on the first step... UGH. I went to the living room window and knocked.

My Awesome mom got the skunk to go away and came to my rescue. She took care of the little mouse and THEN laughed at me because of my hysterical crying.

I have realized I can not handle dead animals while pregnant. Something in me just breaks.

*ps* I now live in tr # 5. Mouse free and ready to move any ways.

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