How ... How do I tell them I am lonely ?  I don't Feel needed. I Just Want his attention. I want to feel Loved by him. I want to feel important to him.
I don't feel like he cares about me... I just want to hear him say I love you without my saying it first all the time.
It hurts when I try to talk or hang out with him and he ignores me.
Am I pretty enough for him? Does he think I'm beautiful?
My heart hurts because... I don't think I am...

I don't feel like he is attracted to me any more. 

It is my fault for being lazy, it is my fault I have gotten fat, It is my fault for hiding in my room because I am ashamed. 

I am ashamed of how I look, and I am ashamed of my house keeping. 

What is it that I am worth? 

I love him and our kids so much , but what do I bring to the table?

Does he still want to marry me ? 


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