Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dear Mother In Law and Father In Law.

I don't understand what it is that I have done wrong in your eyes. I have never met you FIL offered many times before my first son was born to meet for lunch so we could get to know each other. Am I not good enough for your little boy? Is it because I already had a daughter before I met him? Is it because I fell in love with him so soon after meeting him? 

I heard the call from you FIL demanding my husband come and visit you, there was no invitation. It was an order a demand of our precious time. You demanded him alone. You have e-mailed several times and complained about not knowing me yet you never gave me a chance. I was always "that woman" the "baby momma". I remember that call well I was so upset that you didn't want to meet me, but you wanted my DH to bring my newborn out to meet you after he was born. 

I remember inviting you to come to the hospital and see your grandchild after his birth. You choose not to. You again blamed me for those events. I don't understand why it is not OK for DH to be happy as a stay at home dad. Why can't you be happy he is happy. I will never understand. 

I thought we were doing well that first Thanksgiving after DH and I met. I watched you watch him play with my daughter.  I thought we were going to be OK.  With Thanksgiving gone and Christmas around the corner we didn't see each other again until April. In April we knew we were having a little boy and you showered us with blankets and clothes for our new little one. 

Over the next few months you made sure to have a little something for my DD and unborn DS.

All though I do love my children and there will never be a day that love ends; there will come a point when they are no longer my babies. When I will stand beside them as equals. When I will have to let go and watch from afar as they live their own lives. I will always be there for them when they need me for advice and for when they need me to step back and give them their space.

I thank my parents and Aunt for showing me how to be a good adult parent. For allowing me to make my own mistakes, For stepping up and helping not only myself but DH also when we needed them the most. For accepting DH as one of the family and treating him with the same respect you all show me.

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