Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life Update

It has been a long while since I last updated. We left of with January and a letter to my in-laws, which was followed by DH and I finally getting married in February.  I shared this post on FB but it is very relative.

 I got married Monday the 22nd. My amazing husband wants to complete our family by adopting DD and giving her our last name. So as much as I hate to bring it up or even bother him, I need sperm donor's address, so that I can serve him with an adoption petition for my daughter. Any and all help will be appreciated. I am hoping to get the adoption process done before she starts school in August. This is all I want from him after this no contact ever again. 

Have not heard from his parents. We figured better to hear it from us... not to mention kinda felt like spitting on the grave of the dead. I got married yesterday (2/23/16) in Jeans and a tank top. Paid my mom's bills with her money. Went to the nail salon AFTER my clerks office wedding. Talked DH into getting a pedicure. I didn't want to cook or go home so I talked DH into cracker barrel with his grand parents our kids and my aunt and nephew. 
Paid 200$ to get married and 80$ for dinner for 9 people. 

We don't talk to his parents because they were being sucky, I intentionally sent his mom a pic of our wedding certificate. He sent one to his dad. ( drama starting I know but fuck them) Looks like it's the news paper route for getting my daughter adopted. Annoying but what ever.

Since our wedding we have contacted my DD's sperm donor and gotten the ball rolling on him giving up his rights to her so that my now DH can adopt her! Yay and we are hoping to have this all done before school starts in Aug.

Now I know that no one is really interested in reading what I post here so its more like a journal entry for me.

Like right now I am watching Army Wives for the second time starting from S:1 E:1.  I am feeling really good right now. My dishwasher is full I have towels in the wash and I don't feel sleepy.

It has been really hard on me lately dealing with depression. I don't believe is is just one type of depression. I find it hard to get out of bed usually and tonight I just feel ready to go. In a little while I will get off this computer and go finish up the little bit of cleaning I can do right now.

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