Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Youngest Dear Son Born April 7 2015

It has been a year and four months and my YDS is growing so fast, his Birth was by far the most amazing experience ever.

I got to the hospital and they set me up for my fluids because go figure I was dehydrated again. I get my fluids and its time for the epi. It took us an hour to get the epidural in the proper place but, once we did I was golden!

My sweet child was born and I didn't have any trauma like experiences with his birth like I did with my older two.  It was a one two push and here he was. I got to hold him right away and put him straight on the boob where he ate for a good 5 minutes before falling asleep in my arms.

My support system this time around was amazing, I had my mom and my husband there for me. I will admit that I was having mini panic attacks as the push time came closer because of my previous births. YDS' birth was by far easier as I didn't have people touching me unless I asked or it was a doctor (I hate being touched). After birth I got to just chill and hold my little monkey boy while he slept on me.

We finally moved into the recovery room after I could walk to go pee. Once in the recovery room my mom went and retrieved my two other kids and they got to meet YDS.

We stayed in the hospital for 3 days and before we left the hospital gave my DH and I a celebratory lunch. it was so sweet and special, they set every thing up in my RR and then did all the clean up!

I am so happy with the birth experience that I would do it again if DH would let me.  

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