Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How I found my house.

So to Start my Mom was living in Sparta Tn doing fine. My mother's sister (I dislike this bitch) called her and stated that she couldn't handle my cousin any more. My mom agreed to let him move in with her, because she didn't want him to be homeless. (He is "slow", 28 yo with the mind of a 12 yo).

Mom tells her landlord he flips shit and kicked her out because of my cousin's criminal history. She then puts all her stuff to storage and moves in with her sister the bitch in FL all the while searching for a place to live in TN for her and my cousin. He has not had a very good life and my mom wants to help change that for him.
Well in her search for a place to live she just so happens to find a house in MY CITY for $3,000 down! Well she calls about house and can't get it due to Cousin's history. Soooooooo. She calls me fills me in on the place and gives me the address and number...
Now for those of you who have not read my past posts... DH gets a certain allotment of money from his Trust every month. (Grandpa died left DH monies) We called Trust and bumped up Sep.'s payment to 8/16 today and BAM BAM BAM BAM I have a house!
Well I will after I make the down payment later on today! Rent To Own
Cool house facts...
1. 2.2 miles from current Doritos bag sized duplex
2. Close to poke stops!
3. Affordable Both front and back yards fenced in! 
4. it was built in 1918 and will be my project house for the next 90+ years cause you know I'm never gonna die lol!
DH and I are already planning how to set up the place and the renovations we plan on making over the next few years!
In all honesty I am just happy to have a place big enough for all of my kids to have rooms in when they get older.

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