Saturday, January 7, 2017

Beautiful....or Not.....

I have always struggles with my self esteem. I was always told I would be big as a house, I'm not pretty enough for so and so. 8 days out of 10 I love my life and who I am.

How do you tell the one person you choose to love most in the world that they are slowly killing what is left of your self esteem?

That when you open up your heart and deepest insecurities it seems like they are not important. What I feel and need from him isn't important. Why can't you be bothered to remember the little things about me? Why is it that when you go to the store you can pick up a little something you think I might like or know that I like?

I don't ever ask for much I just want to feel like I am important to you. I want to feel like my likes and dislikes are something you just have to know.

It truly sucks when you tell your husband that you want to be called beautiful, or pretty or just want him to make you feel wanted and beautiful..... and after months of silence from him he finally called someone beautiful.... Too bad it wasn't you...
Makes my insecurities even worse, and I hate myself for being a fat cow, and an unattractive lard ass.

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