Wednesday, March 1, 2017


My chest is heavy and my heart is broken
it hurts to breath and crying wont help

My children are my life and I miss them dearly
Knowing it's not forever doesnt help the gaping hole 
where my heart should be

Why can't you hold and comfot me 
I don't need words just your nearness and a shoulder to cry on
hold me close and tell me you love me
Hold me tight and let me know you miss them too. 

I am broken inside
I am lost inside
I dont have enough tears for the aching in my soul

I miss the early wake up 
and the Mommy I'm hungry
Can I have a drink and a kiss too? 

First hair cut 
first day of school, daycare
What else will I miss
Watching the little pieces of my heart grow up

I am going to miss you coming home
I wont be the one you excitedly tell about your day
I ache for the little moments I am missing

I love you my children and I pray for the day you return to me. 


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