Monday, September 25, 2017

Lost and confused.

I feel so lost and confused with all that is going on in my life. My children are in DCS care and my DCS case worker is making me feel like a horrible parent. She keeps changing her "story". She tells my husband and I that we need to be at every DR. appointment and then when I tell the Foster Family what she said she changes her damn story and makes out like that is not what she inferred.

I am a home body and I don't really like people in my home. My home is supposed to be my safe place and it no longer feels like my safe place. I have increased anxiety and depression because of all of this added drama and stress. DCS wants me to see a therapist weekly!

It also seems like DCS is trying to find something wrong with me or my parenting. Weekly therapy, in home therapy, a hoarder therapist, a full psychological evaluation and possibly medication! What the hell?

I am pregnant and I want to share this with my kids and I can't because my DCS case worker is cray cray and she will find some way to turn this on me.

Self motivation maybe.

I'm not really sure what is goin on with me, I just want to cry. I feel hopless and lost. I am binge watching T.V. and neglecting my hom...